Recently heard from...


We heard from George Bolis, who had been searching for his Class of '65 connection for some time.  You can read about his efforts starting on our home page.  Welcome back George!  We hope to see you at our 40th reunion.


Finally, we found Bob "Nick" Connolly  -  or should we say he found us.  He answered our inquiry on our "Discussion Pages".  Yes, he is alive and well, continuing his music career while living in Austin, Texas. 


I'm sure most of you  remember Joe Flaim.  "Torch" is living in Schaumburg,  IL  with his wife of 25 years and his 3 children..... 2 in college and 1 still in high school.


We got an update from Denny and Chris (Walsh) Moore.  They're settled in  Mystic, CT.


Donna (Barbuto) MacDermott also posted on our "Discussion Pages".  She's living in Braintree and working as a high school guidance counselor....imagine!


Saw Jerry Miller staggering down Bourbon Street after the Super Bowl. (Just kidding .... he wasn't staggering.)


Heard from Phyllis (Kallstrom) Kinsinger also on our "Discussion Pages".  She's still with Ken (of course !) and they are now living in Charlotte, NC.


I got an update and an email from Mike Snellgrove.  He's doing well in Renton, WA with his wife, Lyn, 4 kids, and 4 grandkids.