Richie Santospago


Richard Santospago


Although I haven’t seen an obituary yet, I have received word that Richie Santospago has passed away.

Everyone will remember Rich as a captain for the NHS football team and the star catcher on the baseball team. After high school and some college in Colorado, Rich joined the Marine Corps. He served a tour in Viet Nam and proudly returned to Norwood, apparently in good shape. Rich worked for Abbott Labs delivering supplies for a number of years.


In the mid-seventies, Rich and his new wife, Diana, moved to Deer Isle, Maine where Rich built the family home with his own two hands. He had 3 loving daughters – Ruby, Rozalyn, and Rachel. As a very active father, he even coached their high school softball teams. He started his own company in Deer Isle, naming it Norwood Flooring, and worked independently for many years.


As a result of his contact with “agent orange” in Viet Nam, Rich was diagnosed with cancer in his later years. Although he was treated aggressively with chemo therapy, the results were not good.


Rich was the toughest guy I knew, but he finally gave up and stopped the chemo. He was also the kindest man I knew.